Frequently Asked Questions
Shift helps in tracking program implementation, financials, intervention impact, partner engagement, compliance and document/data storage.
Our customised dashboards help you view data and drive decision making.
Integrated compliance module and evaluation metrics provide you with the tools to track program progress and identify which metrics have been met.
Shift helps with tracking disbursement and utilisation. You can also use the platform to raise and approve invoices.
Typically, customers take 1-2 months to transition to shift, though this may vary based on the size of your portfolio.
Yes, by default an NGO partner can view their respective project data on Shift. If any restrictions are required, program coordinators can customise access.
NGO partners are supported through the transition of historical data. They are further provided with training workshops and regular governance for ongoing support to ensure effective usage of the platform.
Shift follows rigorous security practices to secure client data. Encryption, data backups and firewalls are set in place to protect our infrastructure setup.
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