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Education programs managed on Shift have helped stakeholders view the large scale impact education has on communities.


In the last 2 quarters, we’ve helped manage 11 projects which supported 34K beneficiaries.

Key solutions that helped 

Dashboard Customization & Accessibility

All your documents managed in one space

NGO Partner Enablement

Go beyond your CSR goals and encourage capacity building and digital transformation through your programs.

Program Governance

All the events meeting and activities that go into your programs, captured alongside project progress.

Managing Education programs on Shift allows users to access key data, that builds a clear picture of on-ground progress. Shift also enables engagement, and partner enablement among stakeholders while highlighting
key learning outcomes.

Working with funders…

Shift helps funders streamline the CSR funding process. Through shift, we’ve been able to implement impact tracking and provide automated insights for impact programs, across multiple pillars. These processes not only help with realtime impact management and monitoring but have also helped funders maintain CSR compliance and simplified end of year reporting

At Shift, we’ve worked with funders from Tech, Banking and other sectors to help maximize their social impact.
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Our clients have worked on livelihood projects to help improve employment opportunities across India. Shift helped funders idenitfy trends, which led to marked project improvemnts, helping increase program gradutation rates and boosted employment numbers.



Programs in Healthcare cover a variety of issues faced by our communities. Through Shift, Funders were able to track community health and the constantly evolving needs of the people, and identify patterns and trends to help provide for their needs.



Social impact projects take many forms to help improve environmental sustainability. Our dashboards help to not only track metrics like the number of trees planted, but also larger associated impact such as work generated and carbon offsets.

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