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At Shift, we’ve worked with NGO’s to help them maximize the positive impact CSR programs offer.


In the last 2 quarters, we helped manage 43 projects, which influenced 4.5L beneficiaries.

Key solutions that helped our NGO’s

Monitor On-ground
Track your project and everything that goes into making it a success, all on a single platform.
Transparent Fund Management

Easily track your CSR impact and monitor various indicators through our dashboards.

Central Document Repository

Define your goals, and we will help you ensure the project meets all your targets. Our in-built system tracks project milestones and their CSR adherence.


Shift presents numerous tools to help NGO’s run programs with funding organizations. As a singular platform for communication and feedback, shift simplifies documentation and the reporting processes. It also helps maintain transparency and streamlined governance, all while presenting automated insights that help NGO’s and funders better understand the communities they serve.

Shift is an impact-first technology platform – focused on solutions that help you.
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At Shift, we’ve worked with funders from Tech, Banking and other sectors to help maximize their social impact.
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Our clients have worked on livelihood projects to help improve employment opportunities across India. Shift helped funders idenitfy trends, which led to marked project improvemnts, helping increase program gradutation rates and boosted employment numbers.



Programs in Healthcare cover a variety of issues faced by our communities. Through Shift, Funders were able to track community health and the constantly evolving needs of the people, and identify patterns and trends to help provide for their needs.



Social impact projects take many forms to help improve environmental sustainability. Our dashboards help to not only track metrics like the number of trees planted, but also larger associated impact such as work generated and carbon offsets.

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A comprehensive program management product for all stakeholders!

Shift Observe

Our field data collection product – Use stand-alone or integrated with Shift Impact

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