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Vocational Skill Development
Our Funders have worked with NGO’s and partners on the ground to implement projects that have led to jobs in BPO’s, Electricals, Horticulture and Landscapping among others. These vocational training progams were customized for men and women, and many were also designed to be accessable to those with disabillites.
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene is an area in need of funding as a key public health issue. Projects in this sector involve the supply of clean water, construction of household toilets and the distribution of personal hygiene products, among other steps to help promote a hygienic environment.
In the last quarter, we helped manage XX projects, which influenced X,XXX beneficiaries.
Assisted Living
CSR presents the opportunity to fund assisted living projects for senior citizens and the disabled. These programs provide the opportunity to help improve living standards by providing the necessary medical assistance required. Assisted living projects for the disabled have helped provided those in need with the medical assitance needed to improve their lives. In addition, educational and skilling programs helped benificiaries improve their long term quality of life. Our programs have showed that 70% of those engaed in such educational programs found and retained jobs post training.
Certain rural areas still struggle to maintain an affordable and consistent power source. CSR projects such as solar energy solutions and biogas distribution programs help improve the quality of life in rural areas while also providing alternate benefits like improved health and (professional) opportunities.
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